Monday, 11 January 2016

Snow and Woody Plants

“Snow is both friend and foe to trees and shrubs,” says Tchukki Andersen, BCMA, CTSP, and staff arborist with the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). “Snow causes its share of damage, as we all know, but in many cases it also protects plants and their roots from extreme more

Why You Should Be Planting More Flowers

Depending on your style and other preferences, you may or may not have considered adding flowers to your landscaping plans. Here are a few reasons why you should.

Add Beauty to Any Landscape

No matter what the design or color scheme you are going for, there are a variety of different flowers that will match your style. These flowers can look beautiful, smell beautiful and reduce your stress levels when you gaze at them and smell them.

Attract Beautiful Insects

In addition to attracting you to your lawn instead of keeping holed up in your house, some plants will also attract a variety of other life. For example, certain types of flowers are known for their ability to attract butterflies or bees. This not only increases the beauty in your lawn, but is also healthy for your ecosystem, as these flying insets are pollinators and will increase the liveliness of your landscaping.

Better For Your Health And the Environment

The final reason to plant more flowers is the increased oxygen output they will provide, as, like other plants such as trees, flowers absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen that we breathe. This is healthier not only for you, but for the environment around you as well.

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